• Radazzle Designs offers flowers, gift boxes and more in Mount Dora.

    Owner, Rachelle Allen, has a passion for taking visual presentation from ordinary to extraordinary. Be it magnificent floral arrangements, eye catching gift baskets and boxes or her incredible customized sugar cookies, her creations are never ho-hum.

    Her services include "table landscaping" which ensures that guests at your party will be completely dazzled as they gaze upon the splendor that she crafts. She gives her all to each project, which is why she has become so sought after.

    How does she do it? With highly focused attention to each detail and the amazing extra touches that she provides for each client?s requests, she takes the design to the highest level, far exceeding expectations! Being well schooled at what she does is another asset.

    Allen is a graduate of the Floral Design Institute, Portland Oregon and she is also a Certified Floral Designer, CFD FDI as well as being a Certified Food Protection Manager. Studies were an important element to fulfilling her design dreams, allowing her to be the best at what she truly loves doing.

    For your next party or gifting occasion let Radazzle make it as special as it should be.