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    About Us

    The Mount Dora Bistro is full service French inspired neighborhood eatery honoring dining traditions in beautiful historic downtown. Designed as a casual yet refined environment reminiscent of travels to France, the atmosphere of warmth and welcome as curated by partners Chef John and Adonis is comfortable and inviting for friends, family and community whether on our pet friendly patio or in our dining room. The classic French music, the art exhibitions, the full bar offerings of vintage cocktails and dessert martinis, the spectacular French wine list, the menus of culinary classics and the the warmth of our service staff together create memorable dining experiences for all guests and francophiles.

    The Mount Dora Bistro proudly serves a lunch menu, an Afternoon Tea and Tasting Experience known as ''Le Gouter'', a dinner service which has an option to reserve for a French 6 course Table d'Hote Dinner Experience and Sunday Champagne Brunch all according to their scheduled service days and hours.

    We invite you to join us for a dining experience as we together salute the classic arts of culinary, music, and photography by simply walking in or making a reservation at 352-729-2280 or online at: reservations@themountdorabistro.com


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