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    Introducing Alan Trueba: Premier DJ, Specializing in 80s Alternative Music and More. His sets can be very refined and sophisticated, wild and unpredictable and everything in between.

    Discover Alan Trueba, a distinguished DJ rooted in Miami's iconic 80s music scene. Renowned for his avant-garde and cutting-edge musical selections, Alan specializes in 80s alternative music and B-sides, seamlessly blending House, Deep House, Progressive House, Jazz, lounge music and Classic Disco, among other carefully curated genres. What sets Alan apart is his commitment to authenticity, with all sets played and meticulously mixed live on vinyl.

    Elevate your Central Florida establishment or event with Alan Trueba's unique musical expertise, creating an unparalleled atmosphere. Whether your audience seeks 80s nostalgia or an exploration of diverse genres, Alan Trueba delivers an authentic experience that resonates beyond the mainstream.

    Note: Alan Trueba is not a typical wedding DJ or top 40 DJ. His focus is on providing a distinctive musical journey that sets your venue or event apart, attracting those with a genuine appreciation for musical artistry. Immerse your audience in a sonic adventure that transcends expectations.

    For bookings and inquiries, contact Alan Trueba to ensure your event becomes synonymous with unparalleled musical excellence. Transform your space into a haven for discerning music lovers seeking a unique and unforgettable auditory experience.

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