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    About Us

    We’re ready to help you Dive into a Super Smile!

    Mid Florida Pediatric Dentistry was founded to make your child’s experience visiting the dentist more pleasant and less traumatic for them…and for you! We are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate dental care from infancy through early adult years. Our main focus is to provide the highest possible quality care in a setting that children of all ages can enjoy. We accomplish this through efficient teamwork and a sense of compassion for all children. We are committed to provide individual attention to each child and we strive to equip children with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy smile into adulthood. As a dentist with a degree in Child Development, Dr. Teddy Bland incorporates his extensive education in both fields to create an environment of caring and reassurance.

    We offer many benefits to you and your child, including:

    ~ Education for parents and children on how to prevent cavities
    ~ Easy routines for proper dental hygiene
    ~ Tips on diet and other healthy habits
    ~ Nitrous oxide, sedation dentistry and other methods to ease anxiety

    Contact us to see how we can get your child started on a healthy smile for life!