• Ayurvedic Medicine: a time-honored form of natural medicine

    Ayurvedic Medicine: a time-honored form of natural medicine is now available in Mount Dora, FL through Scott Gerson, M.D. at The Gerson Institute of Āyurvedic Medicine.

    For most difficult chronic, immunological, age-related, or neurologic diseases, Āyurvedic Medicine may be a much better alternative to traditional treatment plans. The 3500-year-old holistic medical tradition of India, includes practical recommendations for using diet, herbs, spices, detoxification, massage, exercise, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy and many other modalities to enhance health and prevent disease.

    Frequently the integration of both Āyurveda and modern medicine yields the best results which is why Scott Gerson, PhD (Āyu) is the most sought after physician in the nation for people desiring a natural yet rational, science-based approach to their health. He treats patients through merging Āyurveda, integrative medicine, and conventional medical approaches.

    Dr. Gerson is a fully-credentialed internist, a professor of Āyurveda trained in India, and a preeminent researcher in the field of holistic medicine. He is one of the nation's leading front line primary-care physicians and researchers in Āyurvedic Medicine and is well-versed in virtually all modalities of integrative medicine. He is an example of Ayurvedic living and scholarship--and in some ways just an old fashioned, primary care doctor dedicated to working with Nature to improve your health.

    The Center also offers an authentic Āyurvedic Day Spa which utilizes Florida-grown organic fruits, vegetables, nut oils and other natural ingredients in their unique menu of therapies.