• The Little Linksters Golf Academy and Nonprofit Comes to Mount Dora Golf Club!

    Wanted to share my excitement about our newly budding relationship with the Mount Dora Golf Club in Mount Dora, FL.

    Under the direction of PGA Professional Stephen Lotz, Board VP and course GM Luke Covey, the Mount Dora Golf Club, and its Board of Directors have a dynamic plan in place for bringing a short game practice area in the short term to the course and potentially a new driving range and learning center in the long term.

    We (Little Linksters) are on the verge of opening our new indoor space and office at the club. In this space, we will create an indoor learning center. It will include one hitting bay with a simulator/radar donated by SkyTrak, a Power Tee station, donated by Power Tee Golf, and a V1 Swing Analysis system.

    Our relationship with the Mount Dora Golf Club will be a very unique and special one. Over the years, we (Little Linksters) have indeed had a few great locations and host partners for providing our programming, which will continue at many. This relationship with Mount Dora is different however. Not only the club but also some community organizations have quickly embraced us and recognize the impact we can have on the community at large. Most notably, the programming we can offer to the youth of Mount Dora and Lake County but also, and very importantly, the programming we can offer from a diversity and inclusionary standpoint, which is a cornerstone of our organization.

    We will now, finally, have a situation that will give us a home, a true home, to provide our programming to kids of all ages, races and both boys and girls as well as youth with special needs. You can learn more about Little Linksters by going here: https://littlelinksters.com/