• 5 Useful Tips For Your Roof From Top Dog Roofing

    No matter where you are from, your roof protects your home. Here are some tips about how to make sure your roof is doing its job from Top Dog Roofing!
    Tip 1 - If you can see any missing shingles on your roof or find shingles that have blown off into the yard, you will want to get a roof inspection asap.
    Tip 2 - If you have brownish stains on your ceiling, you likely have a leak. You will want to have a good roofer check it.
    Tip 3 - Keep trees trimmed back at least 10 feet from your roof. Trees can damage the shingles & shorten the life of the roof.
    Tip 4 - When replacing your roof, do some research & hire a good quality roofer. We see many examples of leaks in new roofs related to poor workmanship by low-priced roofers.
    Tip 5 - Depending on the age & condition of your roof, it might be more economical to replace it instead of repairing it.

    If you have questions about your roof or are looking to find a roofing solution,
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