• Wellness Supervisor (LPN)

    Posted: 04/24/2020

    Scope:  To supervise Wellness Associates and ensure adequate coverage on all shifts. To supervise the delivery of assistance with activities of daily living as outlined in Assisted Living service plans, ensuring the delivery of assistance is performed in a dignified, compassionate manner that also encourages as much independence from the resident as possible.  The Assisted Living service plans will be written within the parameters of community policies and licensure, as well as within state regulatory guidelines. 


    Position Specifics:

    Education:     LPN, Associate’s degree or higher preferred.

    Experience:     Prefer minimum 1 year of experience in assisted living or skilled care environment; excellent customer service skills; strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to handle multiple tasks and work effectively with associates.

    Licensing/     LPN certification as specified by State agency. 


    Certification:  Obtain Dementia Certificate within 60 days from date of hire. CPR certification within 60 days of hire.  


    Organizational Structure:

    The Wellness Supervisor’s immediate supervisor is the Wellness Director.  This position will supervise the Wellness Associates.


    Working Environment / Physical Duties:

    • Assisted Living community common areas and resident apartments primarily.

    • Requires extensive use of arm, hands, fingers, legs, and back.

    • Frequently reach, push, or pull with arms & hands.

    • Frequently stand or walk for 0-3 hours at one time throughout an 8-hour day.

    • Occasionally sit for 0-2 hours at one time throughout an 8-hour day.

    • Frequently stoop, bend, kneel, climb, talk, see, and hear.

    • Frequently lift and/or carry 0-10 lbs. up to 30 yards.

    • Occasionally lift and/or carry 15+ lbs. up to 30 yards.

    • May be required to support/assist a resident’s full body weight.


    Essential Job Functions:

    • Supervise, as well as participate in, the delivery of services outlined in each Assisted Living service plan.

    • Monitor medication administration and complete documentation of such monitoring as outlined in the state regulations. Order, receive, store and document such activities in a timely manner.

    • Document in the residents’ health records regarding delivered services, changes in health condition, occurrence of incidents, and other pertinent health related matters for each resident.

    • Provide supervision and training to the Wellness Associates; contribute to performance review and counseling efforts as requested by the Wellness Director.

    • Ensure all associates understand and adhere to company policies and procedures; conduct in-service programs as needed.



        Service Plans:

    • Inform the Wellness Director immediately of any resident’s significant change in health condition.  Inform the resident’s family and/or physician as appropriate.

    • Monitor resident with self-administration or administration of medications and complete documentation of such monitoring as outlined in the state regulations. Order, receive, store and document such activities in a timely manner.

    • Facilitate the transition of a resident out of an assisted living apartment and into a facility offering a higher level of care when the resident’s care needs can no longer be met.

    • Provide watchful oversight for residents; conduct walking rounds of the community regularly throughout the shift.

    • Measure and record temperature, pulse, blood pressure and weight for resident as instructed.


    Customer Service: 

    • Assist new residents with transitioning to life at our CERTUS Senior Living Community, as well as the smooth integration to all amenities.  Be aware and address issues of depression, anxiety, fear, and resentment for any resident.

    • Communicate with a wide range of health care professionals; demonstrate courtesy, professionalism, and confidentiality at all times.

    • Initiate efforts on the residents’ behalf to secure medical documents, coordinate medical appointments, and address the residents’ changes in health conditions, etc. with health care professionals.

    • Communicate with residents, family members and/or Responsible Parties on matters related to the Wellness Department; demonstrate courtesy, professionalism, and compassion at all times.


        Daily Operations:

    • Routinely visit resident apartments and resident care areas ensuring their clean and safe conditions.

    • Develop and maintain a good working rapport with all department managers to ensure the full scope of resident services are being delivered.  

    • Maintain compliance to all local, state and federal regulatory guidelines; participate in local and state inspections as appropriate; implement any corrective actions needed as a result of local/state inspections.

        CERTUS Branding:

    • Promote understanding of the CERTUS Mission statement among community associates, current residents/family members, and external community contacts.

    • Maintain the company’s reputation for integrity and standing behind its services.


    Emergency Management:

    • Report to work and respond to the residents’ needs when the community is experiencing any situation deemed as an “Emergency” or “Natural Disaster” by CERTUS and/or local authorities.  Response will include, but not be limited to, reporting for assigned shifts, receiving evacuees from another community, or evacuating with our community’s residents.