• Cook

    Posted: 05/01/2020


    Responsible for assisting with the preparation and presentation of all food, maintaining the kitchen equipment in a safe and sanitary condition, and ensuring the efficient operation of the Food Service department by completing any other tasks as requested. 


    Position Specifics:

        Education:    High school diploma or equivalent.

    Experience:    Six months’ food service experience in a retirement or hospitality environment; able to use sanitizers, cleaners, and chemicals; strong verbal communication skills.

    Licensing/     Serv-Safe Certification within 6 months of hire.

    Certification:    Obtain Dementia Certification within 60 days from date of hire.



    Organizational Structure:

    The Prep-Cook’s immediate supervisor is the Dining Services Director.  This position has no supervisory duties.


    Working Environment / Physical Duties:

    • Commercial kitchen with full scope of equipment, cooking utensils, walk-in cooler/freezer, and dry storage area primarily.

    • Assisted living community dining room and common areas secondarily.

    • Demonstrate compliance to the Safe Operations Program through appropriate attitude, awareness, and actions.

    • Requires extensive use of arms, hands, fingers, legs, and back.

    • Frequently reach, mix, push, or pull with arms and hands.

    • Frequently stand or walk for 0-3 hours at one time throughout an 8-hour day.

    • Occasionally sit for 0-2 hours at one time throughout an 8-hour day.

    • Frequently stoop, bend, kneel, climb, talk, see, and hear.

    • Frequently be exposed to hot water, stem, appropriate sanitizers, and cleaning solutions.

    • Frequently lift and/or carry 0-20 lbs. up to 30 yards unassisted.

    • Occasionally life and/or carry up to 50 lbs. up to 30 yards unassisted.

    • May be required to support/assist a resident’s full body weight.


    Essential Job Functions:

    • Prepare food items per the approved menus and recipes. 

    • Ensure that all food is attractively presented to residents and guests. Cover, label, date, and properly store all food items.

    • Follow the daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule for all equipment, appliances, and surfaces in the food service department.

    • Assist with serving meals to residents as necessary.

    • Assist with dishwashing, cleaning, and stocking tasks as necessary.



        Food Service:

    • Ensure that all food items are prepared in a timely manner, use batch cooking where appropriate to ensure freshness of product.

    • Ensure that all food items are prepared in a manner to preserve nutrients toward meeting specific dietary requirements of residents.


        CERTUS Branding:

    • Promote understanding of the CERTUS Mission statement among community associates, current residents/family members, and external community contacts.

    • Maintain the company’s reputation for integrity and standing behind its services.


    Emergency Management:

    • Report to work and respond to the residents’ needs when the community is experiencing any situation deemed as an “Emergency” or “Natural Disaster” by CERTUS and/or local authorities.  Response will include, but not be limited to, reporting for assigned shifts, receiving evacuees from another community, or evacuating with our community’s residents.